Article | . 2017 Vol. 6, Issue. 4
Current Status and Perspectives of Weed Science in Asia-Pacific Area

National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, RDA1
Sungbo Chemicals2
Central Research Institute, Kyung Nong Co.3
Moghu Research Center4
Chungnam National University5
Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology6

2017.. 292:305


This paper provides the current status of weed science and prospects for the development of weed science based on the research trends presented at the 26th Asian ․ Pacific Weed Science Conference in 2017. Approximately 458 researchers from 25 countries, including Korea, participated in the conference and presented 325 papers in 20 research areas. Major research topics were herbicide resistance, herbicide use, herbicide development, weed ecology, allelopathy, weed management, and exotic weeds. Particularly, there were many presentations and interesting to researchers about the development and use of new herbicides, such as florpyauxifen-benzyl ester, triafamone, fenquinotrione, and tolpyralate. Development of new herbicide formulations and spray methods were suggested as a solution for the population decline in rural area and low labor quality especially in Asia and Pacific regions. In future weedy rice and exotic weeds will be a serious problem in this area so we need to cooperate to make good technical and practical solutions.

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