Article | . 2017 Vol. 6, Issue. 4
Development of New Hybrid Zoysiagrass Cultivar ‘Seah’

Department of Green Landscape Architecture Science, Dankook University1
Southern Forest Resources Research Center, National Institute of Forest Science2

2017.. 306:312


This study was carried out to develop new hybrid zoysiagrass cultivar ‘Seah’ (The application no. for cultivar protection : 2014-22). Native zoysiagrasses were collected from south-west seaside of Korea from 2010 to 2011. Artificial crossing was conducted to develop F1 hybrid between Z2011 (Z. sinica) and NM1 (Z. matrella) at plastic house in 2011. Among the progenies, ‘Seah’ showed fine leaf texture and high shoot density from the space planting plots at field. ‘Seah’ showed genetically light green color, with fine leaf with 1.8mm and height to the lowest leaf blade was 1.94 cm. Ground coverage rate was slower than medium leaf zoysiagrass (Jung-gi), but plant height of 7.1 cm was the lowest among the compared zoysiagrasses and height to lowest leaf of 1.94 cm was lower than most zoysiagrass, which may allow low mowing height.

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