Article | . 2017 Vol. 6, Issue. 4
Glyphosate Resistant Conyza canadensis Occurring in Tangerine Orchards of Jeju Province of Korea

Department of Crop Science, Chungnam National University1
Syngenta Korea Jincheon Station2
Rural Development Administration Food Crop Industry Technology Service Division3

2017.. 350:354


Conyza canadensis is the weed species which most frequently develops resistance to glyphosate in many agricultural crop fields. The continuous use of glyphosate has resulted in the spontaneous occurrences of resistant biotypes. This research was conducted to investigate the response of suspected C. canadensis biotypes to glyphosate. Seeds of C. canadensis were collected from 18 sites in tangerine orchards in Jeju province of Korea. In the preliminary screening, 6 resistant and 12 susceptible biotypes were found at the recommended glyphosate rate (3.28 kg a.i. ha-1). The susceptible biotypes were completely killed at the field application rate whereas the resistant biotypes were initially injured but recovered 14 days after glyphosate application. This is the first case of glyphosate resistance found in Korea despite the national ban on genetically modified glyphosate tolerant crops cultivation. Extended monitoring should be conducted to understand how widely spread the glyphosate resistant C. canadensis is and to estimate the severity of this weed problem in the tangerine orchards of Korea.

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