Article | . Vol. 8, Issue. 1
Nitrogen Uptake and Shoot Growth of Creeping Bentgrass after Application of Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer Blending

Department of Horticultural Science, Chungnam National University, Daejeon 34134, Korea 1
C&L Chemical Co. Ltd., Seoul 03938, Korea2
Syngenta Korea Co. Ltd., Jincheon 27855, Korea3

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This study was conducted to evaluate effects of slow release nitrogen (N) fertilizer (SRF) blending isobutylidene diurea (IBDU), crotonylidene diurea (CDU) and methylene urea (MU) on growth, quality and N uptake of creeping bentgrass. Treatments were designed as follow; non-fertilizer (NF), control fertilizer (CF), SRF-1 (IBDU 12%, CDU 12%, MU 36%), and SRF-2 (IBDU 5%, CDU 5%, MU 15%). As applied SRF, visual quality, shoot length, clipping yield, T/R ratio, N content and N uptake of creeping bentgrass was not significant to CF. Total chlorophyll content of SRF-2 increased by17 % than that of CF. Amount of N uptake was positively correlated to visual quality, total chlorophyll content, clipping yield, and uptake of phosphorus and potassium (P <0.01). These results indicated that application of slow release nitrogen fertilizer blending with IBDU, CDU and MU improved chlorophyll content of creeping bentgrass by prompting N uptake.

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